Board Members include: Nicole Kirsch, Debbie Beiderbecke

Ex-officio members inlude: Linda Braun (Sunday School Director) and Jennifer Barnes (Elder)

  1. Concern themselves about, direct, and supervise all educational activities of the Congregation, Sunday School, Bible Classes, Confirmation, Vacation Bible School, the Church Library, etc., including textbooks, materials, and other resources, in order that the education program of the Congregation may function well.
  2. Encourage all the members of the Congregation (especially the parents) to make use of the Congregation’s educational facilities and resources.
  3. Appoint the Sunday School Superintendent (director) for a one-year term, subject to the approval of the Assembly of Voters, who shall be responsible for the direction of the Sunday School, including the selection and appointment of the Sunday School teachers. 
  4. Have the authority to appoint ad hoc committees necessary to help with establishing the Board’s duties