The Board of Elders consists of 5 members of the congregation elected to 3 year terms with the terms ending staggered. Any member of St. Johns can serve as an elder. The role of the elders is listed below:

  • Assist any Called Worker in caring for the spiritual welfare of the Congregation.
  • Watch over the doctrine, life, and the official conduct of the Called Workers and the officers of the Congregation, and over the spiritual welfare of the entire Congregation, and of each member.
  • At the request of a Called Worker, call on members who appear delinquent in exercising their responsibilities, obligations, rights, and duties.
  • Consider cases of church discipline, and either bring them to a satisfactory conclusion or, if not successful in doing so, bring them to the attention of the Congregation in the Assembly of Voters in accordance with these By-laws, Article I, Section E.  (An appeal from any decision of the Board of Elders may always be made to the Assembly of Voters.)
  • Not divulge matters which should be kept confidential, especially in cases of discipline.
  • In the absence, sickness, or disability of a Called Worker, or in cases of a vacancy in the pastorate, make provision for necessary supplies.
  • Also consider whether the Called Church employees’ material needs are sufficiently supplied and make recommendations accordingly to the Church Council.
  • Maintain order for prayer requests entered in Church publications.
  • Coordinate notification of the Church membership of any unscheduled prayer services.
  • Enlist the efforts of other Church members in contacting and caring for people.
  • Contact new members to encourage active participation in all aspects of the church.

Current members of the Board of elders

  • Jennifer Barnes
  • Alton Plumb
  • Lisa Maier
  • Sharon Jenkins
  • OPEN